Catering Services

Nhat Lam – Expert Catering For Over 12 Years. We offers 2 main types of catering services as below:

1. Catering Services to Factories/Schools/Hotels/Companies… have canteen/kitchen already.

– Consulting and providing services of design, construction and improve kitchen/canteen.

– Consulting and providing kitchen/canteen’s equipment.
– To organize the processing and serving catering services.

2. Nhat Lam organizes the events/parties and related services as customer requests

  • Party
  • Buffet

Nhat Lam always ensures to provide all customers with delicious meals and nutritional assurance. The menu is changed daily and seasonal. Nhat Lam always take priority of hygiene and food safety first in our providing services to customers. Materials are imported from standard suppliers with clear origin. Especially materials are checked and verified by Nhat Lam.
Inspection Department of Nhat Lam always has checking suddenly to the supplier. At the same time, we check the process of materials import, preliminary processing and cooking of the kitchen to ensure give the best profesional services to customer.

Nhat Lam’s sites are respond all the standard requirement and are granted certificates of satisfaction of hygiene and food safety regulations. Whenever customer have any requests for catering services, do not hesitate to contact us for further information and for the best and most professional services.

Nhat Lam believes that customer will be satisfied for choosing our catering services.


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