Human Resource Service

Not only following the latest trend in nowadays but also business environment, allmost of enterphrises are looking for the ways to save costs to ensure business efficiency such as reducing marketing costs, reduce production costs, reducing fixed wage costs, reducing management costs … For small and medium enterprises, enterprises have a limited financial capacity, volume of production is not stable. It is a main reason get more urgent to save costs in order to maintain and develop a long term. From the above issues, enterprises must find many solutions to minimize costs but still ensuring the efficiency of production and business, minimizing the risks that may be encountered in business activities including prize “cost savings on personnel”.

Understanding the market, understand the real problems and difficulties of small and medium enterprises, Nhat Lam has built a package of services to respond the needs of all enterprises. This package is researched by Nham Lam to have a secure requirements of cost saving solutions for human resources, including saving on recruitment costs and saving on training costs, management costs and other cost savings, minimizing the risks of fixed financial when business activities are difficult.

Why use Human Resources Services?

  • Building a team of skilled workers and profesional qualification in a short time at lowest cost.
  • Minimizing the risks and reduce the obligations of enterphrises.
  • No need to pay the wage and make policy for qualified employees.
  • Why should choose our services?

With training programs frequently, Nhat Lam is committed to providing the highest standard of human resources, managed by the customer, in charge of a part of the customer’s business operations, helping the business development process. Our customers can achieve the highest efficiency.

Nhat Lam’s human resources services is completely derived from the needs of customers, They are guaranteed quality standards specialized in skills. We have big volume of human resources, which are be ready always for business processes at all levels.


  • Quickly respond to the urgent needs of the customer for seasonal staff in market research/promotion campaigns.
  • Be an expert in the field of human resources.
  • Reduced overload of recruitment and personnel support.
  • Minimize management costs.
  • Ability to respond the outsourced staff.


  • Nhat Lam recruits and manages the employees who working at the client’s sites.Nhat Lam is committed about professional qualification according to the requests of customers.Customer are no longer concerned about temporary workforce shortages.
  • Customer do not have to manage all problem to related to the increase / reduction of human resource, wage or disciplinary action.
  • With our human resource service currently, we have received a lot of positive feedback from many customers about their practical benefits.

Currently Nhat Lam has provided about 500 to 700 employees per mmonth to Pullman Hotel Hanoi.

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