Nhat Lam is one of the leading companies in catering services. We have more than 11 years of experience in this field.

Nhat Lam has a young and dynamic manager team who have been trained well by foreign companies and chefs have worked in international restaurants and hotels. All staff was given a health check and was trained on hygiene and food safety periodically.

Besides that, Nhat Lam has been affirmed by the quality of service as well as professional services during more than 12 years. Customer can be assured of the quality, quantity, price and professionalism of Nhat Lam. We help customer save budhget and take care for their staff effectively in highest.

100% of Nhat Lam’s activities are covered by Bao Minh Insurance with the value of USD 1,000,000.

In addition, we cooperate with AHEAD & TCQSI organization to implement the hygiene and food safety standard under the ISO 22000: 2005 management system, which has been assessed as highly qualified and certified.

Nhat Lam takes a great pride in our strong reputation for catering services to nearly 20 big companies in the North such as: Honda Vietnam, Goertek Vietnam, TOTO Vietnam, Yakjin Korea Garment Company, Inoue Rubber Vietnam, Hanes Brands Vietnam, Cedo Viet Nam, Esquel Garment Manufacturing Vietnam, ACE Antena Vietnam, Shoei Vietnam, Hanel… Furthermore, we provide the human resource services for Pullman Hanoi hotel…

Most of all, Nhat Lam understands that the success of Nhat Lam is due to customer’s pleasure & support and the effort of 500 staff.

We look forward to serving our customers better and better with passion. And hope that Nhat Lam always keeps our reputation to become a trust partner for all customer in catering services in Vietnam.

Choosing Nhat Lam, we will bring you a cozy kitchen and delicious meals in the best tastes.

And your satisfaction is decision of our success and Nhat Lam hopes that we can cooperate and serve you.