CEDO Vietnam.,Ltd

Cedo has became a partner of Nhat lam since 2012. This is a customer from UK so we have built a suitable and typical services and offer what they really want. Currently we provide 1.500 meals per day to CeDo.


CeDo is the largest manufacturer of own label and branded household disposables in Europe.

They employ over 2,000 people across Europe and Asia operating from 4 different manufacturing sites and 5 regional sales offices. Their fully integrated manufacturing and logistics network combines optimal manufacturing efficiency and flexibility with supply chain excellence to competitively serve Europe’s leading retailers.

  Their products are sold by retailers under their own private labels as well as CeDo brands including PolyLina®, Paclan®, Nappy Sacks™, Pop-ins™, Landsaver®, Big Green Rubbish bag and Saved from Landfill.  CeDo household products including food and freezer bags, cling films, aluminum foil, bin liners, refuse sacks, hygiene disposal and bio-degradable bags are used by millions of people on a daily basis.

  CeDo has over 40 years experience serving the needs of the European market through which they have developed an enviable reputation for quality, service and innovation.  

CeDo Vietnam Co., Ltd was established in 2013 with 100% investment capital of UK, belongs Cedo Group. It is located at Land Lot E5-4 Dai Dong-Hoan Son IP, Dai Dong Commune, Tien Du Dist., Bac Ninh Pro., Vietnam,
Cedo Vietnam’s products are food and freezwer plastic bags which are exported to the European market.

CeDo’s Brand