Goertek Vina,.Ltd

At Goertek, with 2 years of corporation, we have committed to providing the best catering service to customer by always seeking to improve our Services and welcome their comments and suggestions. That explain why Nhat Lam and Goertek have got a strong relationship currently.

  • Contract: Since 2016
  • 5000 meals/day


Goertek Vina Co., Ltd. is located in Lot K-08 – Que Vo Industrial Park – Nam Son District – Bac Ninh City – Bac Ninh. Goertek Vina is a member of Goertek Corporation, headquartered in Shandong Province, China. Goertek Vina Co., Ltd, a joint venture between China and Korea, specializes in manufacturing products for Samsung Vietnam: headset, ear phone, mic…

Chairman’s Statement

“Through study, we have developed a deep understanding of people’s inner desires – which we vigorously infuse into state-of-the-art technologies. Our long term aspiration is to continuously launch cutting-edge products that better meet life style changes through integrating advances in acoustic, optical and new energy technologies. Our hope is for Goertek to provide a substantial benefit to our clients, employees, shareholders and partners all over the world”

Jiang Bin, Chairman of Goertek Corporation